Synonyms for curving

Synonyms for (adj) curving

Synonyms: curved, curving

Definition: having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend

Usage: the curved tusks of a walrus; his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard

Similar words: bowed, arced, arched, arching, arciform, arcuate

Definition: forming or resembling an arch

Usage: an arched ceiling

Similar words: curvilineal, curvilinear

Definition: characterized by or following a curved line

Usage: curvilinear tracery; curvilinear motion

Similar words: eellike

Definition: resembling an eel in being long and thin and sinuous

Similar words: falcate, falciform, sickle-shaped

Definition: curved like a sickle

Usage: a falcate leaf; falcate claws; the falcate moon

Similar words: curvey, curvy

Definition: having curves

Usage: a settee with only one curvy end

Similar words: flexuous

Definition: having turns or windings

Usage: the flexuous bed of the stream

Similar words: hooked, hooklike

Definition: having or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold)

Usage: hooklike thorns;

Similar words: incurvate, incurved

Definition: bent into or having an inward curve

Similar words: recurvate, recurved

Definition: curved backward or inward

Similar words: semicircular

Definition: curved into a half circle

Similar words: serpentine, snakelike, snaky

Definition: resembling a serpent in form

Usage: a serpentine wall; snaky ridges in the sand

Similar words: sinuate, sinuous, wiggly

Definition: curved or curving in and out

Usage: wiggly lines

Similar words: sinusoidal

Definition: having a succession of waves or curves

Similar words: upcurved

Definition: curving upward

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