Synonyms for decisive

Synonyms for (adj) decisive

Synonyms: critical, decisive

Definition: forming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis

Usage: a critical point in the campaign; the critical test

Similar words: crucial, important

Definition: of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis

Usage: a crucial moment in his career; a crucial election; a crucial issue for women

Synonyms: decisive

Definition: determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Usage: cast the decisive vote; two factors had a decisive influence

Similar words: deciding, determinant, determinative, determining

Definition: having the power or quality of deciding

Usage: the crucial experiment; cast the deciding vote; the determinative (or determinant) battle

Similar words: fatal, fateful

Definition: having momentous consequences; of decisive importance

Usage: that fateful meeting of the U.N. declared war on North Korea- Saturday Rev; the fatal day of the election finally arrived

Similar words: peremptory

Definition: putting an end to all debate or action

Usage: a peremptory decree

Synonyms: decisive

Definition: characterized by decision and firmness

Usage: an able and decisive young woman; we needed decisive leadership; she gave him a decisive answer

Similar words: resolute, unhesitating

Definition: characterized by quickness and firmness

Usage: his reply was unhesitating

Synonyms: decisive

Definition: unmistakable

Usage: had a decisive lead in the polls

Similar words: definite

Definition: precise; explicit and clearly defined

Usage: I want a definite answer; a definite statement of the terms of the will; a definite amount; definite restrictions on the sale of alcohol; the wedding date is now definite; a definite drop in attendance

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