Synonyms for deny

Synonyms for (verb) deny

Synonyms: deny

Definition: declare untrue; contradict

Usage: He denied the allegations; She denied that she had taken money

Similar words: contradict, contravene, negate

Definition: deny the truth of

Synonyms: deny

Definition: refuse to accept or believe

Usage: He denied his fatal illness

Similar words: disown, renounce, repudiate

Definition: cast off

Usage: She renounced her husband; The parents repudiated their son

Synonyms: deny

Definition: refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Usage: Peter denied Jesus

Similar words: disavow

Definition: refuse to acknowledge; disclaim knowledge of; responsibility for, or association with

Usage: Her husband disavowed her after 30 years of marriage and six children

Synonyms: deny, refuse

Definition: refuse to let have

Usage: She denies me every pleasure; he denies her her weekly allowance

Similar words: hold on, keep

Definition: retain possession of

Usage: Can I keep my old stuffed animals?; She kept her maiden name after she married

Synonyms: deny, abnegate

Definition: deny oneself (something); restrain, especially from indulging in some pleasure

Usage: She denied herself wine and spirits

Similar words: contain, control, curb, hold, hold in, check, moderate

Definition: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits

Usage: moderate your alcohol intake; hold your tongue; hold your temper; control your anger

Synonyms: deny

Definition: refuse to grant, as of a petition or request

Usage: The dean denied the students' request for more physics courses; the prisoners were denied the right to exercise for more than 2 hours a day

Similar words: keep back, withhold

Definition: hold back; refuse to hand over or share

Usage: The father is withholding the allowance until the son cleans his room

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