Synonyms for determinative

Synonyms for (noun) determinative

Synonyms: causal factor, determinant, determinative, determiner, determining factor

Definition: a determining or causal element or factor

Usage: education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life

Similar words: cognitive factor

Definition: something immaterial (as a circumstance or influence) that contributes to producing a result

Synonyms: determinative, determiner

Definition: one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

Similar words: function word, closed-class word

Definition: a word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning

Synonyms for (adj) determinative

Synonyms: deciding, determinant, determinative, determining

Definition: having the power or quality of deciding

Usage: the crucial experiment; cast the deciding vote; the determinative (or determinant) battle

Similar words: decisive

Definition: determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Usage: cast the decisive vote; two factors had a decisive influence

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