Synonyms for dictate

Synonyms for (noun) dictate

Synonyms: dictate

Definition: a guiding principle

Usage: the dictates of reason

Similar words: principle

Definition: a basic truth or law or assumption

Usage: the principles of democracy

Synonyms: dictate

Definition: an authoritative rule

Similar words: rule, prescript

Definition: prescribed guide for conduct or action

Synonyms for (verb) dictate

Synonyms: dictate

Definition: say out loud for the purpose of recording

Usage: He dictated a report to his secretary

Similar words: read

Definition: look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed

Usage: The King will read the proclamation at noon

Synonyms: dictate, prescribe, order

Definition: issue commands or orders for

Similar words: bring down, visit, inflict, impose

Definition: impose something unpleasant

Usage: The principal visited his rage on the students

Synonyms: dictate

Definition: rule as a dictator

Similar words: govern, rule

Definition: exercise authority over; as of nations

Usage: Who is governing the country now?

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