Synonyms for dignified

Synonyms for (adj) dignified

Synonyms: dignified

Definition: having or expressing dignity; especially formality or stateliness in bearing or appearance

Usage: her dignified demeanor; the director of the school was a dignified white-haired gentleman

Similar words: courtly, stately, formal

Definition: refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court

Usage: a courtly gentleman

Similar words: magisterial, grand, imposing, distinguished

Definition: used of a person's appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person

Usage: his distinguished bearing; the monarch's imposing presence; she reigned in magisterial beauty

Synonyms: self-respectful, self-respecting, dignified

Definition: having or showing self-esteem

Similar words: proud

Definition: feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride

Usage: proud parents; proud of his accomplishments; a proud moment; proud to serve his country; a proud name; proud princes

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