Synonyms for dislocation

Synonyms for (noun) dislocation

Synonyms: dislocation, breakdown

Definition: the act of disrupting an established order so it fails to continue

Usage: the social dislocations resulting from government policies; his warning came after the breakdown of talks in London

Similar words: disruption, perturbation

Definition: the act of causing disorder

Synonyms: dislocation, disruption

Definition: an event that results in a displacement or discontinuity

Similar words: break, interruption

Definition: some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity

Usage: the telephone is an annoying interruption; there was a break in the action when a player was hurt

Synonyms: dislocation

Definition: a displacement of a part (especially a bone) from its normal position (as in the shoulder or the vertebral column)

Similar words: trauma, hurt, injury, harm

Definition: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.

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