Synonyms for drained

Synonyms for (adj) drained

Synonyms: drained, dead

Definition: drained of electric charge; discharged

Usage: a dead battery; left the lights on and came back to find the battery drained

Similar words: uncharged

Definition: of a particle or body or system; having no charge

Usage: an uncharged particle; an uncharged battery

Synonyms: drained

Definition: emptied or exhausted of (as by drawing off e.g. water or other liquid)

Usage: a drained marsh; a drained tank; a drained and apathetic old man...not caring any longer about anything

Similar words: empty

Definition: emptied of emotion

Usage: after the violent argument he felt empty

Similar words: exhausted

Definition: drained physically

Usage: the day's events left her completely exhausted--her strength drained

Synonyms: knackered, drained

Definition: very tired

Similar words: tired

Definition: depleted of strength or energy

Usage: tired mothers with crying babies; too tired to eat

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