Synonyms for dummy

Synonyms for (noun) dummy

Synonyms: blank, blank shell, dummy

Definition: a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet

Similar words: cartridge

Definition: ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun

Synonyms: dummy

Definition: a figure representing the human form

Similar words: figure

Definition: a model of a bodily form (especially of a person)

Usage: he made a figure of Santa Claus

Synonyms: dumbbell, dummy, dope, pinhead, boob, booby

Definition: an ignorant or foolish person

Similar words: simple, simpleton

Definition: a person lacking intelligence or common sense

Synonyms: dummy, silent person

Definition: a person who does not talk

Similar words: mute, deaf-and-dumb person, deaf-mute

Definition: a deaf person who is unable to speak

Synonyms for (verb) dummy

Synonyms: dummy, dummy up

Definition: make a dummy of

Usage: dummy up the books that are to be published

Similar words: create, make, produce

Definition: create or manufacture a man-made product

Usage: We produce more cars than we can sell; The company has been making toys for two centuries

Synonyms for (adj) dummy

Synonyms: dummy

Definition: having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function

Usage: a dummy corporation

Similar words: unreal, artificial

Definition: contrived by art rather than nature

Usage: artificial flowers; artificial flavoring; an artificial diamond; artificial fibers; artificial sweeteners

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