Synonyms for exception

Synonyms for (noun) exception

Synonyms: exception, exclusion, elision

Definition: a deliberate act of omission

Usage: with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news

Similar words: omission

Definition: neglecting to do something; leaving out or passing over something

Synonyms: exception

Definition: an instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization

Usage: all her children were brilliant; the only exception was her last child; an exception tests the rule

Similar words: representative, illustration, instance, example

Definition: an item of information that is typical of a class or group

Usage: this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome; there is an example on page 10

Synonyms: exception

Definition: grounds for adverse criticism

Usage: his authority is beyond exception

Similar words: objection

Definition: the speech act of objecting

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