Synonyms for eyed

Synonyms for (adjective) eyed

Synonyms: eyed

Definition: having an eye or eyes or eyelike feature especially as specified; often used in combination

Usage: a peacock's eyed feathers; red-eyed

Similar words: almond-eyed

Definition: having almond-shaped eyes

Similar words: blue-eyed

Definition: having blue eyes

Similar words: eyelike

Definition: suggesting an eye or eyes

Usage: eyelike markings on a butterfly's wings; the eyelike gleam of two distant windows in the dark

Similar words: keen-eyed, sharp-eyed

Definition: having keen eyesight

Similar words: left-eyed

Definition: having only the left eye

Similar words: one-eyed

Definition: having or showing only one eye

Usage: one-eyed Jacks are wild; the three one-eyed Cyclopes of Greek myth

Similar words: ox-eyed

Definition: having large round eyes like those of an ox

Usage: ox-eyed Juno

Similar words: popeyed

Definition: having bulging eyes

Similar words: purple-eyed

Definition: (of flowers) having a purple eyelike marking

Similar words: right-eyed

Definition: having only the right eye

Similar words: saucer-eyed, round-eyed

Definition: having large round wide-open eyes

Similar words: skew-eyed

Definition: having eyes that look in different directions