Synonyms for failing

Synonyms for (noun) failing

Synonyms: failing, flunk

Definition: failure to reach a minimum required performance

Usage: his failing the course led to his disqualification; he got two flunks on his report

Similar words: failure

Definition: an act that fails

Usage: his failure to pass the test

Synonyms: failing, weakness

Definition: a flaw or weak point

Usage: he was quick to point out his wife's failings

Similar words: imperfection, imperfectness

Definition: the state or an instance of being imperfect

Synonyms for (adj) failing

Synonyms: failing

Definition: below acceptable in performance

Usage: received failing grades

Similar words: unsatisfactory

Definition: not giving satisfaction

Usage: shops should take back unsatisfactory goods; her performance proved to be unsatisfactory; life is becoming increasingly unsatifactory; our discussion was very unsatisfactory

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