Synonyms for fallow

Synonyms for (noun) fallow

Synonyms: fallow

Definition: cultivated land that is not seeded for one or more growing seasons

Similar words: cultivated land, tillage, tilled land, tilth, ploughland, plowland, farmland

Definition: arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

Synonyms for (adj) fallow

Synonyms: fallow

Definition: undeveloped but potentially useful

Usage: a fallow gold market

Similar words: undeveloped, unexploited

Definition: undeveloped or unused

Usage: vast unexploited (or undeveloped) natural resources; taxes on undeveloped lots are low

Synonyms: fallow

Definition: left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season

Usage: fallow farmland

Similar words: unbroken, unploughed, unplowed

Definition: (of farmland) not plowed

Usage: unplowed fields; unbroken land

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