Synonyms for fastened

Synonyms for (adj) fastened

Synonyms: tied, fastened

Definition: fastened with strings or cords

Usage: a neatly tied bundle

Similar words: knotted

Definition: tied with a knot

Usage: his carefully knotted necktie

Synonyms: buttoned, fastened

Definition: furnished or closed with buttons or something buttonlike

Similar words: botonee, botonnee

Definition: (of a heraldic cross) having a cluster of three buttons or knobs at the end of each arm

Similar words: button-down

Definition: of a shirt; having the ends of the collar fastened down by buttons

Usage: Brooks Brothers button-down shirts

Synonyms: fastened

Definition: firmly closed or secured

Usage: found the gate fastened; a fastened seatbelt

Similar words: pegged-down

Definition: fastened by pegs

Usage: the pegged-down branches of the plant will take root

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