Synonyms for flying

Synonyms for (noun) flying

Synonyms: flight, flying

Definition: an instance of traveling by air

Usage: flying was still an exciting adventure for him

Similar words: air, air travel, aviation

Definition: travel via aircraft

Usage: air travel involves too much waiting in airports; if you've time to spare go by air

Synonyms for (adj) flying

Synonyms: quick, fast, flying

Definition: hurried and brief

Usage: paid a flying visit; took a flying glance at the book; a quick inspection; a fast visit

Similar words: hurried

Definition: moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste

Usage: a hurried trip to the store; the hurried life of a city; a hurried job

Synonyms: fast-flying, flying

Definition: moving swiftly

Usage: fast-flying planes; played the difficult passage with flying fingers

Similar words: moving

Definition: in motion

Usage: a constantly moving crowd; the moving parts of the machine

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