Synonyms for foliate

Synonyms for (verb) foliate

Synonyms: foliate

Definition: grow leaves

Usage: the tree foliated in Spring

Similar words: make grow, develop

Definition: cause to grow and differentiate in ways conforming to its natural development

Usage: The perfect climate here develops the grain; He developed a new kind of apple

Synonyms: page, paginate, foliate

Definition: number the pages of a book or manuscript

Similar words: number

Definition: give numbers to

Usage: You should number the pages of the thesis

Synonyms: foliate

Definition: coat or back with metal foil

Usage: foliate glass

Similar words: surface, coat

Definition: put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface

Usage: coat the cake with chocolate

Synonyms: foliate

Definition: decorate with leaves

Similar words: embellish, decorate, beautify, adorn, grace, ornament

Definition: make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.

Usage: Decorate the room for the party; beautify yourself for the special day

Synonyms: foliate

Definition: hammer into thin flat foils

Usage: foliate metal

Similar words: forge, hammer

Definition: create by hammering

Usage: hammer the silver into a bowl; forge a pair of tongues

Synonyms for (adjective) foliate

Synonyms: foliaceous, foliate, foliated

Definition: (especially of metamorphic rock) having thin leaflike layers or strata

Similar words: stratified, bedded

Definition: deposited or arranged in horizontal layers

Usage: stratified rock

Synonyms: foliate

Definition: (often used as a combining form) having or resembling a leaf or having a specified kind or number of leaves

Usage: `foliate' is combined with the prefix `tri' to form the word `trifoliate'

Similar words: leafy

Definition: having or covered with leaves

Usage: leafy trees; leafy vegetables