Synonyms for fragile

Synonyms for (adj) fragile

Synonyms: fragile

Definition: vulnerably delicate

Usage: she has the fragile beauty of youth

Similar words: delicate

Definition: exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury

Usage: a delicate violin passage; delicate china; a delicate flavor; the delicate wing of a butterfly

Synonyms: delicate, fragile, frail

Definition: easily broken or damaged or destroyed

Usage: a kite too delicate to fly safely; fragile porcelain plates; fragile old bones; a frail craft

Similar words: breakable

Definition: capable of being broken or damaged

Usage: earthenware pottery is breakable; breakable articles should be packed carefully

Synonyms: tenuous, thin, fragile, flimsy, slight

Definition: lacking substance or significance

Usage: slight evidence; a tenuous argument; a thin plot; a fragile claim to fame

Similar words: insignificant, unimportant

Definition: devoid of importance, meaning, or force

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