Synonyms for fragment

Synonyms for (noun) fragment

Synonyms: shard, sherd, fragment

Definition: a broken piece of a brittle artifact

Similar words: piece

Definition: a separate part of a whole

Usage: an important piece of the evidence

Synonyms: fragment

Definition: an incomplete piece

Usage: fragments of a play

Similar words: piece

Definition: an artistic or literary composition

Usage: he wrote an interesting piece on Iran; the children acted out a comic piece to amuse the guests

Synonyms: fragment

Definition: a piece broken off or cut off of something else

Usage: a fragment of rock

Similar words: part, piece

Definition: a portion of a natural object

Usage: they analyzed the river into three parts; he needed a piece of granite

Synonyms for (verb) fragment

Synonyms: fragment, fragmentise, fragmentize, break up

Definition: break or cause to break into pieces

Usage: The plate fragmented

Similar words: separate, split up, come apart, break, fall apart

Definition: become separated into pieces or fragments

Usage: The figurine broke; The freshly baked loaf fell apart

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