Synonyms for fruitful

Synonyms for (adj) fruitful

Synonyms: fruitful

Definition: productive or conducive to producing in abundance

Usage: be fruitful and multiply

Similar words: berried, baccate, bacciferous

Definition: producing or bearing berries

Similar words: blue-fruited

Definition: bearing blue fruit

Similar words: bountiful, plentiful

Definition: producing in abundance

Usage: the bountiful earth; a plentiful year; fruitful soil

Similar words: breeding

Definition: producing offspring or set aside especially for producing offspring

Usage: the breeding population; retained a few bulls for breeding purposes

Similar words: dark-fruited

Definition: bearing dark fruit

Similar words: fertile, fat, rich, productive

Definition: marked by great fruitfulness

Usage: fertile farmland; a fat land; a productive vineyard; rich soil

Similar words: procreative, reproductive, generative

Definition: producing new life or offspring

Usage: the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce itself under optimal conditions; the reproductive or generative organs

Similar words: high-yield

Definition: yielding a large amount of agricultural or industrial production

Similar words: oval-fruited

Definition: bearing oval fruit

Similar words: fertile, prolific

Definition: bearing in abundance especially offspring

Usage: flying foxes are extremely prolific; a prolific pear tree

Similar words: red-fruited

Definition: bearing red fruit

Similar words: round-fruited

Definition: bearing round fruit

Similar words: small-fruited

Definition: bearing small fruit

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