Synonyms for gloominess

Synonyms for (noun) gloominess

Synonyms: gloominess, lugubriousness, sadness

Definition: the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness

Similar words: uncheerfulness

Definition: not conducive to cheer or good spirits

Synonyms: gloom, gloominess, somberness, sombreness

Definition: a feeling of melancholy apprehension

Similar words: apprehension, apprehensiveness, dread

Definition: fearful expectation or anticipation

Usage: the student looked around the examination room with apprehension

Similar words: melancholy

Definition: a feeling of thoughtful sadness

Synonyms: gloom, gloominess, glumness

Definition: an atmosphere of depression and melancholy

Usage: gloom pervaded the office

Similar words: ambiance, ambience, atmosphere

Definition: a particular environment or surrounding influence

Usage: there was an atmosphere of excitement

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