Synonyms for go off

Synonyms for (verb) go off

Synonyms: go off, implode

Definition: burst inward

Usage: The bottle imploded

Similar words: founder, fall in, break, cave in, collapse, give, give way

Definition: break down, literally or metaphorically

Usage: The wall collapsed; The business collapsed; The dam broke; The roof collapsed; The wall gave in; The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice

Synonyms: go off

Definition: be discharged or activated

Usage: the explosive devices went off

Similar words: burst, explode

Definition: burst outward, usually with noise

Usage: The champagne bottle exploded

Synonyms: come off, go off, go over

Definition: happen in a particular manner

Usage: how did your talk go over?

Similar words: come about, take place, go on, hap, happen, fall out, pass, pass off, occur

Definition: come to pass

Usage: What is happening?; The meeting took place off without an incidence; Nothing occurred that seemed important

Synonyms: go off

Definition: stop running, functioning, or operating

Usage: Our power went off during the hurricane

Similar words: stop, halt

Definition: come to a halt, stop moving

Usage: the car stopped; She stopped in front of a store window

Synonyms: run off, bolt, make off, decamp, go off, abscond, absquatulate

Definition: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along

Usage: The thief made off with our silver; the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe

Similar words: take flight, fly, flee

Definition: run away quickly

Usage: He threw down his gun and fled