Synonyms for halfway

Synonyms for (adj) halfway

Synonyms: center, middle, midway, halfway

Definition: equally distant from the extremes

Similar words: central

Definition: in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area

Usage: a central position

Synonyms: halfway

Definition: including only half or a portion

Usage: halfway measures

Similar words: fractional

Definition: constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety

Usage: a fractional share of the vote; a partial dose

Synonyms: halfway

Definition: at a point midway between two extremes

Usage: at the halfway mark

Similar words: intermediate

Definition: lying between two extremes in time or space or state

Usage: going from sitting to standing without intermediate pushes with the hands; intermediate stages in a process; intermediate stops on the route; an intermediate range plane

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