Synonyms for handicraft

Synonyms for (noun) handicraft

Synonyms: handicraft

Definition: a craft that requires skillful hands

Similar words: craft, trade

Definition: the skilled practice of a practical occupation

Usage: he learned his trade as an apprentice

Similar words: arts and crafts

Definition: the arts of decorative design and handicraft

Usage: they sponsored arts and crafts in order to encourage craftsmanship in an age of mass production

Synonyms: handcraft, handicraft, handiwork, handwork

Definition: a work produced by hand labor

Similar words: work, piece of work

Definition: a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing

Usage: it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works; the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work; he was indebted to the pioneering work of John Dewey; the work of an active imagination; erosion is the work of wind or water over time

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