Synonyms for helpful

Synonyms for (adj) helpful

Synonyms: helpful

Definition: providing assistance or serving a useful function

Similar words: accommodating

Definition: obliging; willing to do favors

Usage: made a special effort to be accommodating

Similar words: adjuvant

Definition: enhancing the action of a medical treatment

Usage: the adjuvant action of certain bacteria

Similar words: assistive

Definition: giving assistance

Similar words: face-saving

Definition: maintaining dignity or prestige

Usage: a face-saving compromise

Similar words: facilitative

Definition: freeing from difficulty or impediment

Usage: facilitative changes in the economic structure

Similar words: facilitatory

Definition: inducing or aiding in facilitating neural activity

Similar words: instrumental, implemental, subservient

Definition: serving or acting as a means or aid

Usage: instrumental in solving the crime

Similar words: laborsaving, laboursaving

Definition: designed to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor

Usage: laborsaving devices like washing machines

Similar words: ministrant

Definition: giving practical help to

Usage: a ministering angel; the angels ministrant sang; the attending physician

Similar words: reformative, reformatory

Definition: tending to reform

Usage: reformative and rehabilitative agencies; reformatory punishment

Similar words: right-hand

Definition: most helpful and reliable

Usage: my right-hand man

Similar words: stabilising, stabilizing

Definition: causing to become stable

Usage: the family is one of the great stabilizing elements in society

Similar words: steadying

Definition: causing to become steady

Usage: had a steadying effect on her nerves

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