Synonyms for hertz

Synonyms for (noun) hertz

Synonyms: Hertz, Gustav Hertz, Gustav Ludwig Hertz

Definition: German physicist who with James Franck proved the existence of the stationary energy states postulated by Bohr (1887-1975)

Similar words: nuclear physicist

Definition: a physicist who specializes in nuclear physics

Synonyms: Heinrich Hertz, Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, Hertz

Definition: German physicist who was the first to produce electromagnetic waves artificially (1857-1894)

Similar words: physicist

Definition: a scientist trained in physics

Synonyms: Hz, hertz, cycle, cycle per second, cycles/second, cps

Definition: the unit of frequency; one hertz has a periodic interval of one second

Similar words: rate

Definition: a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit

Usage: they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour; the rate of change was faster than expected

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