Synonyms for hokey

Synonyms for (adj) hokey

Synonyms: artificial, hokey, stilted, contrived

Definition: artificially formal

Usage: that artificial humility that her husband hated; contrived coyness; a stilted letter of acknowledgment; when people try to correct their speech they develop a stilted pronunciation

Similar words: affected, unnatural

Definition: speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression

Synonyms: bathetic, hokey, mushy, maudlin, mawkish, kitschy, soppy, soupy, slushy, schmaltzy, schmalzy, sentimental, drippy

Definition: effusively or insincerely emotional

Usage: a bathetic novel; maudlin expressions of sympathy; mushy effusiveness; a schmaltzy song; sentimental soap operas; slushy poetry

Similar words: emotional

Definition: of more than usual emotion

Usage: his behavior was highly emotional

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