Synonyms for homely

Synonyms for (adj) homely

Synonyms: homely, plain

Definition: lacking in physical beauty or proportion

Usage: a homely child; several of the buildings were downright homely; a plain girl with a freckled face

Similar words: unattractive

Definition: lacking beauty or charm

Usage: as unattractive as most mining regions

Synonyms: homelike, homely, homey, homy

Definition: having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable

Usage: the homely everyday atmosphere; a homey little inn

Similar words: comfortable, comfy

Definition: providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal)

Usage: comfortable clothes; comfortable suburban houses; made himself comfortable in an armchair; the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable; are you comfortable?; feeling comfy now?

Synonyms: homely

Definition: without artificial refinement or elegance

Usage: plain homely furniture; homely manners

Similar words: inelegant

Definition: lacking in refinement or grace or good taste

Synonyms: homely

Definition: plain and unpretentious

Usage: homely truths; letters to his son full of homely advice; homely fare

Similar words: plain

Definition: not elaborate or elaborated; simple

Usage: plain food; stuck to the plain facts; a plain blue suit; a plain rectangular brick building

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