Synonyms for hoof

Synonyms for (noun) hoof

Synonyms: hoof

Definition: the foot of an ungulate mammal

Similar words: foot, animal foot

Definition: the pedal extremity of vertebrates other than human beings

Synonyms: hoof

Definition: the horny covering of the end of the foot in ungulate mammals

Similar words: unguis, horny structure

Definition: any rigid body structure composed primarily of keratin

Synonyms for (verb) hoof

Synonyms: hoof

Definition: dance in a professional capacity

Similar words: trip the light fantastic, trip the light fantastic toe, dance

Definition: move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance

Usage: My husband and I like to dance at home to the radio

Synonyms: hoof, hoof it, foot, leg it

Definition: walk

Usage: let's hoof it to the disco

Similar words: walk

Definition: use one's feet to advance; advance by steps

Usage: Walk, don't run!; We walked instead of driving; She walks with a slight limp; The patient cannot walk yet; Walk over to the cabinet

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