Synonyms for hot

Synonyms for (adj) hot

Synonyms: hot

Definition: marked by excited activity

Usage: a hot week on the stock market

Similar words: active

Definition: characterized by energetic activity

Usage: an active toddler; active as a gazelle; an active man is a man of action

Synonyms: live, hot

Definition: charged or energized with electricity

Usage: a hot wire; a live wire

Similar words: charged

Definition: of a particle or body or system; having a net amount of positive or negative electric charge

Usage: charged particles; a charged battery

Synonyms: hot

Definition: having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity

Usage: hot fuel rods; a hot laboratory

Similar words: radioactive

Definition: exhibiting or caused by radioactivity

Usage: radioactive isotope; radioactive decay; radioactive fallout

Synonyms: hot

Definition: of a seeker; very near to the object sought

Usage: you are hot

Similar words: near, nigh, close

Definition: not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances

Usage: near neighbors; in the near future; they are near equals; his nearest approach to success; a very near thing; a near hit by the bomb; she was near tears; she was close to tears; had a close call

Synonyms: hot

Definition: having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm

Usage: hot for travel

Similar words: eager

Definition: having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy

Usage: eager to learn; eager to travel abroad; eager for success; eager helpers; an eager look

Synonyms: red-hot, hot, blistering

Definition: very fast; capable of quick response and great speed

Usage: a hot sports car; a blistering pace; got off to a hot start; in hot pursuit; a red-hot line drive

Similar words: fast

Definition: acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly

Usage: fast film; on the fast track in school; set a fast pace; a fast car

Synonyms: hot

Definition: newly made

Usage: a hot scent

Similar words: fresh

Definition: recently made, produced, or harvested

Usage: fresh bread; a fresh scent; fresh lettuce

Synonyms: hot

Definition: very good; often used in the negative

Usage: he's hot at math but not so hot at history

Similar words: good

Definition: having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified

Usage: good news from the hospital; a good report card; when she was good she was very very good; a good knife is one good for cutting; this stump will make a good picnic table; a good check; a good joke; a good exterior paint; a good secretary; a good dress for the office

Synonyms: hot

Definition: used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning

Usage: hot stove; hot water; a hot August day; a hot stuffy room; she's hot and tired; a hot forehead

Similar words: baking, baking hot

Definition: as hot as if in an oven

Similar words: blistering, blistery

Definition: hot enough to raise (or as if to raise) blisters

Usage: blistering sun

Similar words: calefacient, warming

Definition: producing the sensation of heat when applied to the body

Usage: a mustard plaster is calefacient

Similar words: calefactive, calefactory

Definition: serving to heat

Usage: a heating pad is calefactory

Similar words: calorifacient

Definition: producing heat; usually used of foods

Usage: calorifacient chili peppers

Similar words: calorific

Definition: heat-generating

Usage: the calorific properties of fuels

Similar words: fervent, fervid

Definition: extremely hot

Usage: the fervent heat...merely communicated a genial warmth to their half-torpid systems- Nathaniel Hawthorne; set out...when the fervid heat subsides- Frances Trollope

Similar words: fiery, igneous

Definition: like or suggestive of fire

Usage: a fiery desert wind; an igneous desert atmosphere

Similar words: heatable

Definition: capable of becoming hot

Usage: the heatable tip of a soldering iron

Similar words: heated, heated up, het, het up

Definition: made warm or hot (`het' is a dialectal variant of `heated')

Usage: a heated swimming pool; wiped his heated-up face with a large bandana; he was all het up and sweaty

Similar words: hottish

Definition: somewhat hot

Similar words: overheated

Definition: heated beyond a safe or desirable point

Usage: the child became overheated; overheated metal

Similar words: red-hot

Definition: glowing red with heat

Similar words: scorching

Definition: hot and dry enough to burn or parch a surface

Usage: scorching heat

Similar words: sizzling

Definition: hot enough to burn with or as if with a hissing sound

Usage: a sizzling steak; a sizzling spell of weather

Similar words: stifling, sulfurous, sulphurous, sultry

Definition: characterized by oppressive heat and humidity

Usage: the summer was sultry and oppressive; the stifling atmosphere; the sulfurous atmosphere preceding a thunderstorm

Similar words: sweltering, sweltry

Definition: excessively hot and humid or marked by sweating and faintness

Usage: a sweltering room; sweltering athletes

Similar words: thermal

Definition: caused by or designed to retain heat

Usage: a thermal burn; thermal underwear

Similar words: torrid

Definition: extremely hot

Usage: the torrid noonday sun; sultry sands of the dessert

Similar words: tropic, tropical

Definition: of weather or climate; hot and humid as in the tropics

Usage: tropical weather

Similar words: white, white-hot

Definition: glowing white with heat

Usage: white flames; a white-hot center of the fire

Synonyms: hot

Definition: extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm

Usage: a hot temper; a hot topic; a hot new book; a hot love affair; a hot argument

Similar words: fiery, flaming

Definition: very intense

Usage: a fiery temper; flaming passions

Similar words: heated

Definition: marked by emotional heat; vehement

Usage: a heated argument

Similar words: sizzling, red-hot

Definition: characterized by intense emotion or interest or excitement

Usage: a red-hot speech; sizzling political issues

Similar words: sultry, sensual

Definition: sexually exciting or gratifying

Usage: sensual excesses; a sultry look; a sultry dance

Similar words: torrid

Definition: emotionally charged and vigorously energetic

Usage: a torrid dance; torrid jazz bands; hot trumpets and torrid rhythms

Similar words: white-hot

Definition: intensely zealous or fervid

Usage: fierce white-hot loyalty

Synonyms: hot

Definition: recently stolen or smuggled

Usage: hot merchandise; a hot car

Similar words: illegal

Definition: prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

Usage: an illegal chess move

Synonyms: hot

Definition: having or bringing unusually good luck

Usage: hot at craps; the dice are hot tonight

Similar words: lucky

Definition: having or bringing good fortune

Usage: my lucky day; a lucky man

Synonyms: hot, red-hot

Definition: newest or most recent

Usage: news hot off the press; red-hot information

Similar words: new

Definition: not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered

Usage: a new law; new cars; a new comet; a new friend; a new year; the New World

Synonyms: hot

Definition: very unpleasant or even dangerous

Usage: make it hot for him; in the hot seat; in hot water

Similar words: unpleasant

Definition: disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings

Usage: an unpleasant personality; unpleasant repercussions; unpleasant odors

Synonyms: hot

Definition: very popular or successful

Usage: one of the hot young talents; cabbage patch dolls were hot last season

Similar words: popular

Definition: regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public

Usage: a popular tourist attraction; a popular girl; cabbage patch dolls are no longer popular

Synonyms: hot

Definition: sexually excited or exciting

Usage: was hot for her; hot pants

Similar words: sexy

Definition: marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest

Usage: feeling sexy; sexy clothes; sexy poses; a sexy book; sexy jokes

Synonyms: hot

Definition: performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy

Usage: a hot drummer; he's hot tonight

Similar words: skilled

Definition: having or showing or requiring special skill

Usage: only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team; a skilled surgeon has many years of training and experience; a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow; a skilled trade

Synonyms: hot, spicy

Definition: producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves

Usage: hot salsa; jalapeno peppers are very hot

Similar words: tasty

Definition: pleasing to the sense of taste

Usage: a tasty morsel

Synonyms: hot, raging

Definition: characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense

Usage: the fighting became hot and heavy; a hot engagement; a raging battle; the river became a raging torrent

Similar words: violent

Definition: acting with or marked by or resulting from great force or energy or emotional intensity

Usage: a violent attack; a violent person; violent feelings; a violent rage; felt a violent dislike

Synonyms: hot

Definition: wanted by the police

Usage: a hot suspect

Similar words: wanted

Definition: desired or wished for or sought

Usage: couldn't keep her eyes off the wanted toy; a wanted criminal; a wanted poster

Synonyms: hot

Definition: (color) bold and intense

Usage: hot pink

Similar words: warm

Definition: (color) inducing the impression of warmth; used especially of reds and oranges and yellows

Usage: warm reds and yellows and orange

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