Synonyms for humdrum

Synonyms for (noun) humdrum

Synonyms: monotony, sameness, humdrum

Definition: the quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety

Usage: he had never grown accustomed to the monotony of his work; he was sick of the humdrum of his fellow prisoners; he hated the sameness of the food the college served

Similar words: unvariedness

Definition: characterized by an absence of variation

Synonyms for (adj) humdrum

Synonyms: humdrum, monotonous

Definition: tediously repetitious or lacking in variety

Usage: a humdrum existence; all work and no play; nothing is so monotonous as the sea

Similar words: dull

Definition: lacking in liveliness or animation

Usage: he was so dull at parties; a dull political campaign; a large dull impassive man; dull days with nothing to do; how dull and dreary the world is; fell back into one of her dull moods

Synonyms: unglamorous, unglamourous, commonplace, prosaic, humdrum

Definition: not challenging; dull and lacking excitement

Usage: an unglamorous job greasing engines

Similar words: unexciting

Definition: not exciting

Usage: an unexciting novel; lived an unexciting life

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