Synonyms for immoderate

Synonyms for (adj) immoderate

Synonyms: immoderate

Definition: beyond reasonable limits

Usage: immoderate laughter; immoderate spending

Similar words: abnormal

Definition: much greater than the normal

Usage: abnormal profits; abnormal ambition

Similar words: all-fired

Definition: extreme; used as an intensifier

Usage: why is he in such an all-fired hurry?

Similar words: overstated, overdone, exaggerated

Definition: represented as greater than is true or reasonable

Usage: an exaggerated opinion of oneself

Similar words: excessive, inordinate, undue, unreasonable

Definition: beyond normal limits

Usage: excessive charges; a book of inordinate length; his dress stops just short of undue elegance; unreasonable demands

Similar words: usurious, exorbitant, extortionate, unconscionable, steep, outrageous

Definition: greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

Usage: exorbitant rent; extortionate prices; spends an outrageous amount on entertainment; usurious interest rate; unconscionable spending

Similar words: over-the-top, sinful, extraordinary

Definition: far more than usual or expected

Usage: an extraordinary desire for approval; it was an over-the-top experience

Similar words: extreme

Definition: far beyond a norm in quantity or amount or degree; to an utmost degree

Usage: an extreme example; extreme temperatures; extreme danger

Similar words: extreme

Definition: beyond a norm in views or actions

Usage: an extreme conservative; an extreme liberal; extreme views on integration; extreme opinions

Similar words: extremist, ultra, radical

Definition: (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm

Usage: extremist political views; radical opinions on education; an ultra conservative

Similar words: far

Definition: beyond a norm in opinion or actions

Usage: the far right

Similar words: stark

Definition: complete or extreme

Usage: stark poverty; a stark contrast

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