Synonyms for impermanent

Synonyms for (adj) impermanent

Synonyms: impermanent

Definition: existing or enduring for a limited time only

Similar words: finite

Definition: bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

Synonyms: impermanent, temporary

Definition: not permanent; not lasting

Usage: politics is an impermanent factor of life- James Thurber; impermanent palm cottages; a temperary arrangement; temporary housing

Similar words: acting

Definition: serving temporarily especially as a substitute

Usage: the acting president

Similar words: transient, transitory, fugacious, ephemeral, short-lived, passing

Definition: lasting a very short time

Usage: the ephemeral joys of childhood; a passing fancy; youth's transient beauty; love is transitory but it is eternal; fugacious blossoms

Similar words: episodic

Definition: limited in duration to a single episode

Usage: an account concerned primarily with episodic events such as the succession of rulers

Similar words: evanescent

Definition: tending to vanish like vapor

Usage: evanescent beauty

Similar words: fly-by-night

Definition: ephemeral

Usage: the symphony is no fly-by-night venture

Similar words: improvised, makeshift, jury-rigged

Definition: done or made using whatever is available

Usage: crossed the river on improvised bridges; the survivors used jury-rigged fishing gear; the rock served as a makeshift hammer

Similar words: interim

Definition: serving during an intermediate interval of time

Usage: an interim agreement

Similar words: pro tem, pro tempore

Definition: for the time being

Usage: he is the president pro tem; designated him to act as consul protempore- H.H.Fiske

Similar words: shipboard

Definition: casual or ephemeral as if taking place on board a ship

Usage: shipboard romances

Similar words: temporal

Definition: not eternal

Usage: temporal matters of but fleeting moment- F.D.Roosevelt

Similar words: terminable

Definition: capable of being terminated after a designated time

Usage: terminable employees; a terminable annuity

Similar words: working

Definition: adopted as a temporary basis for further work

Usage: a working draft; a working hypothesis

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