Synonyms for improvident

Synonyms for (adj) improvident

Synonyms: improvident

Definition: not provident; not providing for the future

Similar words: short, shortsighted, myopic, unforesightful

Definition: lacking foresight or scope

Usage: a short view of the problem; shortsighted policies; shortsighted critics derided the plan; myopic thinking

Similar words: thriftless

Definition: careless of the future

Similar words: unforethoughtful

Definition: lacking forethought

Synonyms: ill-considered, ill-judged, improvident, shortsighted

Definition: not given careful consideration

Usage: ill-considered actions often result in disaster; an ill-judged attempt

Similar words: imprudent

Definition: not prudent or wise

Usage: very imprudent of her mother to encourage her in such silly romantic ideas; would be imprudent for a noneconomist to talk about the details of economic policy- A.M.Schlesinger

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