Synonyms for inactive

Synonyms for (adj) inactive

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: not active physically or mentally

Usage: illness forced him to live an inactive life; dreamy and inactive by nature

Similar words: desk-bound, deskbound

Definition: restricted to working in an office rather than in an active physical capacity

Similar words: dormant, abeyant

Definition: inactive but capable of becoming active

Usage: her feelings of affection are dormant but easily awakened

Similar words: hypoactive, underactive

Definition: abnormally inactive

Similar words: torpid, inert, soggy, sluggish

Definition: slow and apathetic

Usage: she was fat and inert; a sluggish worker; a mind grown torpid in old age

Similar words: sedentary

Definition: requiring sitting or little activity

Usage: forced by illness to lead a sedentary life

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: not engaged in full-time work

Usage: inactive reserve; an inactive member

Similar words: off

Definition: not performing or scheduled for duties

Usage: He's off every Tuesday

Similar words: retired

Definition: no longer active in your work or profession

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: lacking activity; lying idle or unused

Usage: an inactive mine; inactive accounts; inactive machinery

Similar words: dark

Definition: not giving performances; closed

Usage: the theater is dark on Mondays

Similar words: dead

Definition: devoid of activity

Usage: this is a dead town; nothing ever happens here

Similar words: dull, slow, sluggish

Definition: (of business) not active or brisk

Usage: business is dull (or slow); a sluggish market

Similar words: idle, unused

Definition: not in active use

Usage: the machinery sat idle during the strike; idle hands

Similar words: strikebound

Definition: closed or immobilized by a strike

Usage: a strikebound airline

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: (pathology) not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly

Similar words: dead-end

Definition: lacking opportunities for development or advancement

Usage: stuck in a dead-end job

Similar words: flat

Definition: commercially inactive

Usage: flat sales for the month; prices remained flat; a flat market

Similar words: indolent

Definition: (of tumors, e.g.) slow to heal or develop and usually painless

Usage: an indolent ulcer; leprosy is an indolent infectious disease

Similar words: latent

Definition: (pathology) not presently active

Usage: latent infection; latent diabetes

Similar words: quiescent

Definition: (pathology) causing no symptoms

Usage: a quiescent tumor

Synonyms: inactive, passive

Definition: lacking in energy or will

Usage: Much benevolence of the passive order may be traced to a disinclination to inflict pain upon oneself- George Meredith

Similar words: hands-off

Definition: not involving participation or intervention

Usage: a hands-off foreign policy

Similar words: resistless, unresisting, supine

Definition: offering no resistance

Usage: resistless hostages; No other colony showed such supine, selfish helplessness in allowing her own border citizens to be mercilessly harried- Theodore Roosevelt

Synonyms: inactive, dormant

Definition: (of e.g. volcanos) not erupting and not extinct

Usage: a dormant volcano

Similar words: quiescent

Definition: being quiet or still or inactive

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: not exerting influence or change

Similar words: quiescent

Definition: not active or activated

Usage: the quiescent level of centimeter wave-length solar radiation

Synonyms: motionless, inactive, static, still

Definition: not in physical motion

Usage: the inertia of an object at rest

Similar words: unmoving, nonmoving

Definition: not in motion

Synonyms: inactive

Definition: (chemistry) not participating in a chemical reaction; chemically inert

Usage: desired amounts of inactive chlorine

Similar words: unreactive

Definition: (chemistry) not reacting chemically

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