Synonyms for inalienable

Synonyms for (adj) inalienable

Synonyms: inalienable, unalienable

Definition: incapable of being repudiated or transferred to another

Usage: endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights

Similar words: absolute, inviolable, infrangible

Definition: not capable of being violated or infringed

Usage: infrangible human rights

Similar words: non-negotiable

Definition: cannot be bought or sold

Similar words: nontransferable, untransferable, unassignable

Definition: incapable of being transferred

Synonyms: inalienable, unforfeitable

Definition: not subject to forfeiture

Usage: an unforfeitable right

Similar words: indefeasible

Definition: not liable to being annulled or voided or undone

Usage: an indefeasible right to freedom; an indefeasible claim to the title

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