Synonyms for incompetent

Synonyms for (noun) incompetent

Synonyms: incompetent, incompetent person

Definition: someone who is not competent to take effective action

Similar words: unskilled person

Definition: a person who lacks technical training

Synonyms for (adj) incompetent

Synonyms: incapable, incompetent, unequal to

Definition: not meeting requirements

Usage: unequal to the demands put upon him

Similar words: unequal, inadequate

Definition: lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task

Usage: inadequate training; the staff was inadequate; she was unequal to the task

Synonyms: incompetent

Definition: not qualified or suited for a purpose

Usage: an incompetent secret service; the filming was hopeless incompetent

Similar words: inept, feckless

Definition: generally incompetent and ineffectual

Usage: feckless attempts to repair the plumbing; inept handling of the account

Similar words: ineffective, inefficient

Definition: lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively; inadequate

Usage: an ineffective administration; inefficient workers

Similar words: unworkmanlike

Definition: not characteristic of or suitable for a good workman

Usage: an unworkmanlike result; an unworkmanlike tool

Synonyms: incompetent, unskilled

Definition: not doing a good job

Usage: incompetent at chess

Similar words: bad

Definition: having undesirable or negative qualities

Usage: a bad report card; his sloppy appearance made a bad impression; a bad little boy; clothes in bad shape; a bad cut; bad luck; the news was very bad; the reviews were bad; the pay is bad; it was a bad light for reading; the movie was a bad choice

Synonyms: bungling, clumsy, incompetent, fumbling

Definition: showing lack of skill or aptitude

Usage: a bungling workman; did a clumsy job; his fumbling attempt to put up a shelf

Similar words: unskilled

Definition: not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency

Usage: unskilled in the art of rhetoric; an enthusiastic but unskillful mountain climber; unskilled labor; workers in unskilled occupations are finding fewer and fewer job opportunities; unskilled workmanship

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