Synonyms for incomplete

Synonyms for (adj) incomplete

Synonyms: uncomplete, incomplete

Definition: not complete or total; not completed

Usage: an incomplete account of his life; political consequences of incomplete military success; an incomplete forward pass

Similar words: broken

Definition: lacking a part or parts

Usage: a broken set of encyclopedia

Similar words: half

Definition: partial

Usage: gave me a half smile; he did only a half job

Similar words: neither

Definition: not either; not one or the other

Similar words: partial

Definition: being or affecting only a part; not total

Usage: a partial description of the suspect; partial collapse; a partial eclipse; a partial monopoly; partial immunity

Similar words: rudimentary

Definition: being in the earliest stages of development

Usage: rudimentary plans

Similar words: sketchy, unelaborated

Definition: giving only major points; lacking completeness

Usage: a sketchy account; details of the plan remain sketchy

Similar words: uncompleted

Definition: not caught or not caught within bounds

Usage: an uncompleted pass

Synonyms: uncompleted, incomplete

Definition: not yet finished

Usage: his thesis is still incomplete; an uncompleted play

Similar words: unfinished

Definition: not brought to an end or conclusion

Usage: unfinished business; the building is still unfinished

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