Synonyms for industrial

Synonyms for (adj) industrial

Synonyms: industrial

Definition: suitable to stand up to hard wear

Usage: industrial carpeting

Similar words: heavy-duty

Definition: designed for heavy work

Usage: a heavy-duty detergent; heavy-duty gloves

Synonyms: industrial

Definition: having highly developed industries

Usage: the industrial revolution; an industrial nation

Similar words: highly-developed, developed

Definition: (used of societies) having high industrial development

Usage: developed countries

Similar words: industrialised, industrialized

Definition: made industrial; converted to industrialism

Usage: industrialized areas

Similar words: postindustrial

Definition: of or relating to a society or economy marked by a lessened importance of manufacturing and an increase of services, information, and research

Usage: postindustrial countries

Synonyms: industrial

Definition: employed in industry

Usage: the industrial classes; industrial work

Similar words: blue-collar

Definition: of or designating manual industrial work or workers

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