Synonyms for inevitable

Synonyms for (noun) inevitable

Synonyms: inevitable

Definition: an unavoidable event

Usage: don't argue with the inevitable

Similar words: destiny, fate

Definition: an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future

Synonyms for (adj) inevitable

Synonyms: inevitable

Definition: incapable of being avoided or prevented

Usage: the inevitable result

Similar words: fatal, fateful

Definition: controlled or decreed by fate; predetermined

Usage: a fatal series of events

Similar words: unavoidable, ineluctable, inescapable

Definition: impossible to avoid or evade:"inescapable conclusion"

Usage: an ineluctable destiny; an unavoidable accident

Similar words: necessary

Definition: unavoidably determined by prior circumstances

Usage: the necessary consequences of one's actions

Synonyms: inevitable

Definition: invariably occurring or appearing

Usage: the inevitable changes of the seasons

Similar words: predictable

Definition: capable of being foretold

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