Synonyms for inexpensive

Synonyms for (adj) inexpensive

Synonyms: inexpensive, cheap

Definition: relatively low in price or charging low prices

Usage: it would have been cheap at twice the price; inexpensive family restaurants

Similar words: cut-price, cut-rate, bargain-priced

Definition: costing less than standard price

Usage: buying bargain-priced clothes for the children; cut-rate goods

Similar words: catchpenny

Definition: designed to sell quickly without concern for quality

Usage: catchpenny ornaments

Similar words: dirt cheap

Definition: very cheap

Usage: a dirt cheap property

Similar words: low-budget

Definition: made on or suited to a limited budget

Usage: a low-budget movie; a low-budget menu

Similar words: low-cost, low-priced, affordable

Definition: that you have the financial means for

Usage: low-cost housing

Similar words: nickel-and-dime

Definition: low-paying

Usage: a nickel-and-dime job

Similar words: sixpenny, threepenny, tuppeny, two-a-penny, twopenny, twopenny-halfpenny

Definition: of trifling worth

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