Synonyms for inexplicit

Synonyms for (adj) inexplicit

Synonyms: implicit, inexplicit

Definition: implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something

Usage: an implicit agreement not to raise the subject; there was implicit criticism in his voice; anger was implicit in the argument; the oak is implicit in the acorn

Similar words: inherent, implicit in, underlying

Definition: in the nature of something though not readily apparent

Usage: shortcomings inherent in our approach; an underlying meaning

Similar words: understood, tacit, silent

Definition: implied by or inferred from actions or statements

Usage: gave silent consent; a tacit agreement; the understood provisos of a custody agreement

Similar words: unexpressed, unsaid, unspoken, unstated, unuttered, unverbalised, unverbalized, unvoiced

Definition: not made explicit

Usage: the unexpressed terms of the agreement; things left unsaid; some kind of unspoken agreement; his action is clear but his reason remains unstated

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