Synonyms for infected

Synonyms for (adj) infected

Synonyms: infected, septic

Definition: containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms

Usage: a septic sore throat; a septic environment; septic sewage

Similar words: abscessed

Definition: infected and filled with pus

Usage: an abscessed tooth

Similar words: pestiferous, dirty

Definition: contaminated with infecting organisms

Usage: dirty wounds; obliged to go into infected rooms- Jane Austen

Similar words: contaminative

Definition: making impure by contact or mixing

Similar words: purulent, pussy

Definition: containing pus

Usage: a purulent wound

Similar words: infectious, infective

Definition: caused by infection or capable of causing infection

Usage: viruses and other infective agents; a carrier remains infective without himself showing signs of the disease

Similar words: putrefacient, putrefactive

Definition: causing or promoting bacterial putrefaction

Similar words: septicemic

Definition: characteristic of septicemia

Usage: a septicemic temperature curve

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