Synonyms for informal

Synonyms for (adj) informal

Synonyms: informal

Definition: not formal

Usage: conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress; an informal free-and-easy manner; an informal gathering of friends

Similar words: daily, everyday, casual

Definition: appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions

Usage: casual clothes; everyday clothes

Similar words: casual, free-and-easy

Definition: natural and unstudied

Usage: using their Christian names in a casual way; lectured in a free-and-easy style

Similar words: folksy

Definition: very informal and familiar

Usage: a folksy radio commentator; a folksy style

Similar words: unceremonial, unceremonious

Definition: without ceremony or formality

Usage: an unceremonious speech

Synonyms: informal

Definition: used of spoken and written language

Similar words: conversational, colloquial

Definition: characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation

Usage: wrote her letters in a colloquial style; the broken syntax and casual enunciation of conversational English

Similar words: common, vernacular, vulgar

Definition: being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language

Usage: common parlance; a vernacular term; vernacular speakers; the vulgar tongue of the masses; the technical and vulgar names for an animal species

Similar words: epistolary, epistolatory

Definition: written in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence

Usage: an endless sequence of epistolary love affairs; the epistolatory novel

Similar words: slangy

Definition: constituting or expressed in slang or given to the use of slang

Usage: a slangy expression; slangy speech

Similar words: subliterary

Definition: not written as or intended to be literature

Usage: subliterary works such as letters and diaries

Similar words: unliterary, nonliterary

Definition: marked by lack of affectation or pedantry

Usage: her talk was very unliterary- W.D.Howells

Synonyms: cozy, informal, intimate

Definition: having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere

Usage: had a cozy chat; a relaxed informal manner; an intimate cocktail lounge; the small room was cozy and intimate

Similar words: friendly

Definition: characteristic of or befitting a friend

Usage: friendly advice; a friendly neighborhood; the only friendly person here; a friendly host and hostess

Synonyms: loose, informal

Definition: not officially recognized or controlled

Usage: an informal agreement; a loose organization of the local farmers

Similar words: unofficial

Definition: not having official authority or sanction

Usage: a sort of unofficial mayor; an unofficial estimate; he participated in an unofficial capacity

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