Synonyms for inhabited

Synonyms for (adj) inhabited

Synonyms: inhabited

Definition: having inhabitants; lived in

Usage: the inhabited regions of the earth

Similar words: settled, colonised, colonized

Definition: inhabited by colonists

Similar words: haunted

Definition: inhabited by or as if by apparitions

Usage: a haunted house

Similar words: tenanted, occupied

Definition: resided in; having tenants

Usage: not all the occupied (or tenanted) apartments were well kept up

Similar words: owner-occupied

Definition: lived in by the owner

Usage: one owner-occupied and three rental apartments

Similar words: peopled

Definition: furnished with people

Usage: sparsely peopled arctic regions

Similar words: populated

Definition: furnished with inhabitants

Usage: the area is well populated; forests populated with all kinds of wild life

Similar words: populous, thickly settled

Definition: densely populated

Similar words: rock-inhabiting

Definition: of ferns and lichens that grow on rocks

Similar words: underpopulated

Definition: having a lower population density than normal or desirable

Usage: the richly endowed but underpopulated Ivory Coast

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