Synonyms for introductory

Synonyms for (adj) introductory

Synonyms: prefatorial, prefatory, introductory

Definition: serving as an introduction or preface

Similar words: preceding

Definition: existing or coming before

Synonyms: introductory

Definition: serving to open or begin

Usage: began the slide show with some introductory remarks

Similar words: opening

Definition: first or beginning

Usage: the memorable opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth; the play's opening scene

Synonyms: basic, introductory

Definition: serving as a base or starting point

Usage: a basic course in Russian; basic training for raw recruits; a set of basic tools; an introductory art course

Similar words: first

Definition: preceding all others in time or space or degree

Usage: the first house on the right; the first day of spring; his first political race; her first baby; the first time; the first meetings of the new party; the first phase of his training

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