Synonyms for lamb

Synonyms for (noun) lamb

Synonyms: lamb

Definition: young sheep

Similar words: young mammal

Definition: any immature mammal

Synonyms: lamb

Definition: the flesh of a young domestic sheep eaten as food

Similar words: meat

Definition: the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food

Synonyms: lamb, dear

Definition: a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child)

Similar words: inexperienced person, innocent

Definition: a person who lacks knowledge of evil

Synonyms: lamb

Definition: a person easily deceived or cheated (especially in financial matters)

Similar words: victim, dupe

Definition: a person who is tricked or swindled

Synonyms: Charles Lamb, Elia, Lamb

Definition: English essayist (1775-1834)

Similar words: essayist, litterateur

Definition: a writer of literary works

Synonyms for (verb) lamb

Synonyms: lamb

Definition: give birth to a lamb

Usage: the ewe lambed

Similar words: deliver, have, give birth, birth, bear

Definition: cause to be born

Usage: My wife had twins yesterday!

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