Synonyms for leaden

Synonyms for (adj) leaden

Synonyms: dull, leaden

Definition: darkened with overcast

Usage: a dark day; a dull sky; the sky was leaden and thick

Similar words: cloudy

Definition: full of or covered with clouds

Usage: cloudy skies

Synonyms: leaden, heavy

Definition: lacking lightness or liveliness

Usage: heavy humor; a leaden conversation

Similar words: dull

Definition: lacking in liveliness or animation

Usage: he was so dull at parties; a dull political campaign; a large dull impassive man; dull days with nothing to do; how dull and dreary the world is; fell back into one of her dull moods

Synonyms: leaden, plodding

Definition: (of movement) slow and laborious

Usage: leaden steps

Similar words: effortful

Definition: requiring great physical effort

Synonyms: weighted, leaden

Definition: made heavy or weighted down with weariness

Usage: his leaden arms; weighted eyelids

Similar words: heavy

Definition: marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness

Usage: a heavy heart; a heavy schedule; heavy news; a heavy silence; heavy eyelids

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