Synonyms for leftover

Synonyms for (noun) leftover

Synonyms: remnant, leftover

Definition: a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists

Similar words: balance, residual, residue, residuum, rest, remainder

Definition: something left after other parts have been taken away

Usage: there was no remainder; he threw away the rest; he took what he wanted and I got the balance

Synonyms for (adj) leftover

Synonyms: unexpended, left, left over, leftover, remaining, odd

Definition: not used up

Usage: leftover meatloaf; she had a little money left over so she went to a movie; some odd dollars left; saved the remaining sandwiches for supper; unexpended provisions

Similar words: unexhausted

Definition: not used up completely

Usage: an unexhausted well

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