Synonyms for liberal

Synonyms for (noun) liberal

Synonyms: progressive, liberal, liberalist

Definition: a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

Similar words: adult, grownup

Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Synonyms: liberal

Definition: a person who favors an economic theory of laissez-faire and self-regulating markets

Similar words: adult, grownup

Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Synonyms for (adj) liberal

Synonyms: broad, liberal, large-minded, tolerant

Definition: showing or characterized by broad-mindedness

Usage: a broad political stance; generous and broad sympathies; a liberal newspaper; tolerant of his opponent's opinions

Similar words: broad-minded

Definition: inclined to respect views and beliefs that differ from your own

Usage: a judge who is broad-minded but even-handed

Synonyms: liberal

Definition: tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition

Similar words: civil-libertarian

Definition: having or showing active concern for protection of civil liberties protected by law

Similar words: liberalistic

Definition: having or demonstrating belief in the essential goodness of man and the autonomy of the individual; favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority

Similar words: neoliberal

Definition: having or showing belief in the need for economic growth in addition to traditional liberalistic values

Similar words: progressive, reform-minded, reformist

Definition: favoring or promoting reform (often by government action)

Similar words: socialised, socialized

Definition: under group or government control

Usage: socialized ownership; socialized medicine

Similar words: welfare-statist, welfarist

Definition: of or relating to a welfare state

Synonyms: liberal, loose, free

Definition: not literal

Usage: a loose interpretation of what she had been told; a free translation of the poem

Similar words: inexact

Definition: not exact

Synonyms: big, bighearted, freehanded, openhanded, bounteous, bountiful, giving, handsome, liberal

Definition: given or giving freely

Usage: was a big tipper; the bounteous goodness of God; bountiful compliments; a freehanded host; a handsome allowance; Saturday's child is loving and giving; a liberal backer of the arts; a munificent gift; her fond and openhanded grandfather

Similar words: generous

Definition: willing to give and share unstintingly

Usage: a generous donation

Synonyms: liberal

Definition: having political or social views favoring reform and progress

Similar words: left

Definition: of or belonging to the political or intellectual left

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