Synonyms for lightweight

Synonyms for (noun) lightweight

Synonyms: lightweight

Definition: a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds

Similar words: prizefighter, gladiator

Definition: a professional boxer

Synonyms: lightweight

Definition: a wrestler who weighs 139-154 pounds

Similar words: wrestler, grappler, matman

Definition: combatant who tries to throw opponent to the ground

Synonyms: lightweight

Definition: an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 132 pounds

Similar words: boxer, pugilist

Definition: someone who fights with his fists for sport

Synonyms: whippersnapper, lightweight, jackanapes

Definition: someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous

Similar words: cipher, nobody, nonentity, cypher

Definition: a person of no influence

Synonyms for (adj) lightweight

Synonyms: lightweight

Definition: weighing relatively little compared with another item or object of similar use

Usage: a lightweight fabric; lightweight wood

Similar words: light

Definition: of comparatively little physical weight or density

Usage: a light load; magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C

Synonyms: lightweight

Definition: having no importance or influence

Usage: a lightweight intellect

Similar words: unimportant

Definition: not important

Usage: a relatively unimportant feature of the system; the question seems unimportant

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